Lightning in a Bottle
A new kind of Energy Drink
I was thinking about electricity because of a new tool Red Giant has been working on. And the phrase "lightning in a bottle" came to me. 
Then I thought it'd be a great slogan for an energy drink.
Then I realized energy drinks all come in cans. Wouldn't it be a breakthrough if someone put one in a bottle? And then you could tell the other brands to CAN IT and thus this idea was born.

Cans, floor, and bottle rendered with Element 3D. Electricity effects from Trapcode Particular and a tool Red Giant has been working on. And lots and lots of Red Giant VFX Suite Supercomp!

The big fan is just AE's native 2.5d layers with Optical Glow in Supercomp set to Radiate. It came out even better than I had hoped!
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