This was my first year participating in the worldwide phenomenon known as 36 Days of Type. I had some fun with it and I hope it's fun for you too.
I made some rules for myself so that there would be some semblance of cohesion to my project.
Dark, chiseled, metallic, characters using the same typeface
Will be a seamless animated loop
Will be done in pairs to explore a bit of diversity for each idea

This pair was created entirely in After Effects. The letters were made with CC Glass. I only used a touch of Starglow from Red Giant's Trapcode Suite to add some glints.
This pair was made with a procedural chisel technique in Cinema 4D.
This pair was in C4D with some fun, colored lights.
This pair used Particular (from Red Giant's Trapcode Suite) to generate particles where reflections from a couple of lights were seen.
Some moving HDRIs in C4D and some Trapcode Shine in AE made this pair...shine.
This pair used X-Particles and some Strange Attractors to give life to these letters.
This pair used Video Copilot's Saber for the energy beams and then based the number of particles in Trapcode Particular on how much energy was being used.
Back to AE and some CC Glass for these letters. An unnamed third-party plugin was used to create the glow, but everything else was vanilla AE.
Trapcode Particular's fluid physics gave the sparks in this pair some really nice movement.
Had some fun with dynamics in Cinema 4D with this pair!
I really liked the look of the particles I got with Trapcode Particular. Particles are sparked off when the lightning hits and then aux particles fall with them.
This pair uses (re-uses?) my XP Challege entry to and some X-Particles Cloth to create some interesting movement.
My boyfriend suggested I needed a pair with some sparkle. I think I delivered!
For my numbers, I went with Element 3d from Video Copilot to render the characters. At first there's nothingness and zeros. Then there's one...
Suddenly there's two and three!
I decided to brighten things up with this pair. It was a really dark series so far and I wanted to see if it worked on light too.
Kept the bright background on this pair because I like how the letters looked coming out of the fog.
I decided to end the series with a pop of color!
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